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Our Team

Our team for 2024 brings over 35 years experience in professional watersports coaching and boating operations.

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Team: Team

Sim Davis

TrickSwitch Owner and Coach

With 36 years of watersports experience and over 23 years of professional experience in the boating and watersports industry, my journey has been as diverse as the waves themselves. From professional wakeboarding, skiing, and wake surf coaching to boat building, boat sales, detailing, and retail, I've honed my expertise across various facets of the industry. My passion extends beyond the water; I've also actively contributed to events, staff training, and provided business counsel to both new ventures and established operations.

My career has spanned continents, taking me from the lakes and rivers of Australia to the pristine waters of British Columbia, Ontario, the United States, and the Caribbean. These global experiences have not only enriched my skill set but also cultivated an extensive professional network poised to benefit any endeavor, particularly as it navigates future growth.

Starting TrickSwitch has enabled me to take every skill I've learned and develop a program that I know works. I hope to showcase that with every minute I spend with my students.


Canada/US: +1 604 203 8585

Australia: +61 455 686 524


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