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Trick Switch Launch

Trick Switch 1.0 has officially launched for 2021. Why “1.0”? Because we plan to be something even bigger in the future. This year is just the beginning. Although we can’t share too much about our distant future plans, we can share a little about what’s in store for 2021/22.

This Summer, we have kicked off the season in British Columbia. We currently offer everything to do with towed watersports coaching and instruction. Long story short, we are the go to company for any type of advice on riding or skiing. No matter where you are in BC, we will come to you.

Not only do we focus on beginner to advanced athlete development, we also focus on topics that aren’t well publicized like boat setup, equipment setup, maintenance, boat driving hacks for different levels of riders, boating safety and boating etiquette. We also run a mobile boat detailing service for that little extra service to keep your boat well maintained and looking great.

No question is frowned upon so please, if you’re unsure about anything on the water, send us an email at to book a private session or get a free quote.

You can also visit our website to find out a little more about us and what we do.

We can’t be any more excited about meeting you on the water.

Sim (Owner and head coach)

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