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Boat and Equipment Setup

Don't risk it.

At Trick Switch we understand the daunting task of purchasing a new boat or equipment. The trial and error phase can be costly, time consuming and even unsafe. Not only is it important to purchase the right equipment, but it's equally important to set it up correctly.

There's not a day goes by on the water where we don't look at another operator and say, "WTF?" For this reason, we like to throw in some education including boating etiquette into our sessions.

We like to focus on the following when it comes to equipment.​​

  • Equipment advice including hardgoods, vests, ropes, boat modifications etc.

  • Boat setup including weight distribution, perfectpass/cruise, wake enhancement devices, tow points etc.

  • Equipment setup including stance, boots, rope/handle types, rope lengths, buoyancy vests (sizing, type, regulations).

  • General boat operation and boating etiquette. This, in general, means not ruining yours, or other operator's, glassy water on the lake. It means knowing the difference between how to pull a skier vs wakeboarder vs wake surfer out of the water. It also means what it is to be a respected boat operator.

  • Safe boating operation. This means operating the vessel safely for you, your rider/skier and other water users. 

Our teachings are certainly not limited to the above. As technology changes and situations change, as do how we must operate and adapt. There's nobody better to learn from than Trick Switch.

We proudly offer advice on all Ronix, Radar and Follow Brand products. If you can't find it, we'll help you get it.

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