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Trick Switch prides itself on athlete development, progression, customer service and safety. To do this, we have developed various programs based on skill level and abilities, boat setups, student goals and various other factors. No two students are the same therefore no two lessons will be conducted the same.

A standard lesson is very simple. We learn as much information about our student as possible. From there, we create a lesson customized to suite their needs and goals. Once we have built a foundation to work from, we can then devolve a program from our student to work from. It's always more beneficial to have the coach working directly with the student, in person, but this program can be worked on alone after the initial lesson.

A typical lesson and program includes the following.

  • Pre lesson assessment of abilities, goals, equipment, student needs etc. This is to help us gain an idea of what to expect when we turn up. It also helps save you time and money.

  • A personal introduction and on shore instruction if needed.

  • The initial lesson will include a casual, short demonstration by the student on their basic abilities. This will be followed up by some instruction usually consisting of stance adjustments, body positioning and technique.

  • Once that's out of the way, we can start working on adding more techniques and tricks to the lesson.

  • Upon the conclusion of the lesson, we like to give the student some free time to practice what they've learnt without the pressure of instruction. This is where our coach will analyze and document progression for future lessons.

  • The coach will then set up another appointment (if necessary) and give the student a basic program or homework to help develop their skills further.

  • Students are able to keep in contact with their coach after the initial lesson for more feedback. This can include video or verbal feedback.

As previously stated, no two students are the same. The above points are never set in stone and can always be altered or customized to suit our students needs.

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